Panicked Kidnappers

jason ryback bullet point for blogMore pairs of feet ran towards us.

“We need to go now,” came a young woman’s voice. She sounded like she was panicking – less experienced than the others. Probably the woman from the couple I passed.

“Shut up,” the guy hauling me towards the van growled. “What was that shot I heard?”

“Didn’t come from any of us,” one guy replied. “I haven’t seen…”

“Don’t even think of saying it,” my guy cut him off.

We came to an abrupt halt.

“He has thirty seconds or he gets left behind.”

Silence. I could tell no one dared argue with him. You could feel the tension in the air.

Maybe there was hope for me yet – arguing and a gun shot none of them could account for. I waited hoping Six would spring from somewhere.

But then two pairs of hands shoved me in the van.

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Approaching Danger

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I pressed my back against the cathedral wall to hide in its shadow and make sure no one could creep up on me. Across the space I could just make out a couple of streets that led away from the cathedral.

Everything was silent.

A movement caught my eye. A shadow. A figure emerging from a street at the far end. It was too big to be Six. Whoever it was took a look around them and disappeared.

Then my ears caught a sound. A faint sound coming from the street the figure had emerged from. It was a silenced gunshot.

I edged along the wall, fixing my gaze on the street entrance, but I couldn’t hear or see anything.

Then a noise behind me made me start.

Before I could turn, a black hood was shoved over my head.

If Something Happens

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I don’t know how he does it but he’s everywhere – at work, in my home and anywhere in-between. What does he want with me? One thing I know for certain is that he isn’t going away anytime soon.

I sat down at my desk and managed a serious writing session without his presence distracting me, but I’ve read it back and I’m still not happy with my work. I wonder what he thinks about what I write. I know he was watching.

This blog was just going to be about my struggle as a writer, but it has become far more important now. I can’t tell anyone what is happening to me because they would never believe me. But I have to get this out there as soon as possible, so if anything does happen to me, someone else will be able to put the pieces together. Whatever he has planned for me, I think it’s going to be any day now.

Fired up

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It happened. My imagination fired up. I grabbed my laptop and I wrote furiously, my fingers pounding on the keys, trying to keep up with the ideas flooding from my brain. I wrote until the sun rose. Then I collapsed and slept on the floor.


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I haven’t moved since my last post. It’s dark again already. Everything I own sits in heaps on the floor around me. I haven’t found anything. No cameras. No listening devices. No holes in the walls, floors or ceilings. The doors and windows are secure. But someone is watching me. I know they are.