Hi. I’m Jason Rybak. I am a writer of teen fiction. I write fantasies and thrillers that I would have loved reading as a teenager and still enjoy now. The more action, magic and danger, the better.

My books are exciting, fast-paced reads – easy to get into and not very long either. 

My own (fictional) story is of a struggling writer – working a normal job by day and writing by night. But I had a secret. I was being watched, followed by someone who never left any evidence of their presence. I never saw them, but I knew they were there. And there was nothing I could do about it. I moved. I changed jobs. It made no difference. 

Everything changed when I discovered my stalker was connected to the worlds and characters I was writing about. They weren’t as fictional or as imaginary as I’d thought. And they did not want me writing about them.

There was no going back. I kept writing and I kept running.

I am the Writer on the Run.

You can read my story so far right here on my website, and guess what? It’s free. The Diary of the Writer on the Run: Part 1

Thanks for reading.