Henry Frey and the Elf King

Image showing book cover for Henry Frey and the Elf King

My alter ego, Sarasin Shade, has published a Christmas story and it has recently had a revamp! If you love Christmas films, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, you should love Henry Frey and the Elf King.


Santa Claus is an elf. His real name is Klasodin. He lives in his Madjikal, snow-covered city of Alvahame with his elves. 

Santa Claus is in trouble. Sabotaged by enemies inside and outside Alvahame, his Madjik is failing and gifts are going missing. Then, just days before Christmas, he disappears. 

Henry Frey is the last human child with the Affinity for Madjik. Hunted by Santa’s enemies, he embarks on a dangerous journey by sleigh, sledge and snowboard to find Santa and restore his Madjik. If he fails, there will be no Christmas. 

I have also produced a teaser trailer to hopefully wet your appetite.


Buy now from Amazon, which you can link through from my website here

music: https://www.purple-planet.com 

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