They’re Everywhere

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My eyes flitted from the road to the young woman in my mirror. She had shoulder-length auburn hair. She wore a colourless black leather jacket and jeans. Her handgun was aimed casually at the floor.

“Who is she?” I said.

“I’ve no idea,” Six replied. “No one can do what I saw her do. The others – they were from my old employers.”

“They keep finding me.”

“They have people everywhere – and more kids like me. They have money and resources to throw at any problem in their way.” Six looked at me. “You’ve written about them. It shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s why they want you dead. Welcome to life as a spy.”

I drove slowly out of the town centre. There was no sign of the woman with the gun. But the same car had been right behind me for a few minutes now. As I stayed on the main road, which was well-lit, but really quiet, it stayed right behind me.

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