The Figure with the Gun

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“That’s him,” Six uttered. “Picture the road ahead in your mind and get ready to duck down and drive at the same time.”

I put my foot down. I braced myself.

The person running towards us didn’t raise the gun, didn’t shoot at us. Instead, I shot right by, turning to catch a look at who it was.

I recognised her straightaway. It was the young woman from the bus. She was the one who had been following us.

“It was definitely her,” Six said. “Same clothes and trainers. I shot at her loads of times and I didn’t get near her. She took down that team trying to kidnap you.”

Speeding away, I glanced as often as I could into the wing mirror. She was watching us drive away, seemingly indifferent to the fact we’d left her behind.

She was dangerous and highly-skilled. Why didn’t she kill me? What did she want? Who was she?

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