Spies and a New Friend

jason ryback bullet point for blogI didn’t want to leave the flat again, but I had to. I needed to know if I really was in danger and I was getting no help from Sarasin. Worse still, I was having problems with my laptop. The fan was blowing louder and louder and the screen would black out once or twice before it stayed on. It wasn’t going to last much longer and without a laptop, my career as a writer dies a sudden but painful death.

Heart pounding as I hurried into town, my eyes took in every movement, every walker, every passer-by. There wasn’t much of a selection, but staring at computer specs in a store with plenty of people in it gave me a chance to look out for anyone following me. No one in the shop gave me a second glance, but I decided to prepare myself for a sudden getaway. I made my way to the cash machine to take out as much money as I could. I typed in the amount I wanted. I waited. Nothing happened. My blood ran cold. What could I do? Then a message appeared on the screen.

“Don’t take any cash out again. They know what you’re doing – preparing to live off the grid.”

I stared at the screen.

A second message appeared.

“Yes, Jason Rybak. I’m talking to you.”

My money and my card slid out and I pocketed them.

Another message.

“Go home the long way. Maybe look at some more computers.”

The screen went back to normal.

As I turned to head for home, something caught my eye. The same car – parked across the street. And I could feel someone inside it watching me.

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